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  • hamm****@centurylink.net posted at 8/2/2023
    I have been coming here for a number of years and ordered some take out last night.  It was terrible.  Every piece of each of the rolls fell apart.  Also it seems things are going down hill a little.  I had to wait a little bit for my order and the owner is over in the corner on his Ipad watching videos of some sort with his feet up on a chair.
  • aade****@gmail.com posted at 7/16/2023
    The food has no taste, and i ordered through uber eats and they followed NONE of my comments. i told them in the comment section what veggies i wanted and they totally ignored it and I also told them I have allergies. Did not offer a reasonable reconciliation when I called them to talk to them about it. They told me well they put all the veggies that they normally put in the dishes despite me asking for :only these veggies" and I have allergies. 
  • mommye*******@gmail.com posted at 6/24/2022
    They took all of my food while I was eating it. Mid bite. 
  • agsti*****@gmail.com posted at 4/14/2020
    Online menu said orange chicken was white meat. Awesome. I call in an order and am told it’s dark meat and white meat wasn’t available. 
  • m.mort*******@gmail.com posted at 11/18/2019
    I have eaten all over the TC. Fuji Ya has been my "Go-To" since I discovered this spot! Ambiance may be better in the city but the sushi is far superior to anything in the area. Won't eat anywhere else if it's a planned meal. Well worth the 15 minute drive out of MPLS.
  • emmak******@gmail.com posted at 7/2/2019
    Happy hours?
  • kcros*****@gmail.com posted at 10/27/2018
    I took some business colleagues here who were visiting from Manila and Sweden because they were craving fresh sushi.  It was an excellence American experience for them going to a small local restaurant that is fantastic!  The owner is so friendly and the fish was very fresh.  I highly recommend Hiko Sushi!
  • bunc*****@comcast.net posted at 3/9/2018
    Don't order Foodsby delivery - they omitted the soy sauce.
  • krist*****@gmail.com posted at 5/14/2016
    My husband and I stopped by Hiko last night for the first time.  The staff is exceptional! Very friendly and attentive, really top notch.  The sushi is some of the best we have had in some time.  I highly recommend Hiko! My only complaint is that they are so far away, please come to Stillwater! ;)
  • sage*****@gmail.com posted at 12/1/2015
    I have been going to Hiko Sushi since I moved to Eagan and I love the service and atmosphere so much that I bring and recommend just about everyone to this restaurant. You guys really do know how to make a person feel welcome and you recognize familiar faces and that makes an awesome experience. I love your restaurant and food! One of my favorites!!
  • yuk****@gmail.com posted at 9/1/2015
    Since we are now living in Japan, we have not stopped by your place. We do have an authentic Japanese Celebration Horse in Eagan that we are planning on selling.  It is a wonderful item that originally cost about $1,000 in Japan.  We can't bring it back with us.  It might be just the item to brighten up your restaurant.  If you are interested we can send you pictures of it.
  • lauren*******@gmail.com posted at 8/23/2015
    We went to Hiko for dinner tonight, and it was fantastic! We have been all over the cities for sushi, and this is some of the best by far. Not only was the food great, the staff was friendly and the restaurant itself is cute.  We will definitely be returning!
  • c.wa****@q.com posted at 8/23/2015
    This was our fifth visit to Hiko. We are impressed each time we eat here. The food is amazing, the service wonderful. This is what we have been looking for in Eagan. Highly recommended!
  • andre******@yahoo.com posted at 7/2/2015
    This restaurant is beyond amazing! The warm, inviting and helpful staff all make this experience top notch. The food is to die for and I couldn't get enough. Best sushi I have ever had.
  • ronco*****@comcast.net posted at 6/27/2015
    Eric, his wonderful family, and very talented sushi chefs have put together a tremendous experience.The sushi is some of the freshest, most flavorful I have eaten, including on the West Coast. Hiko Sushi is not to be missed.